Lexington Flying Club Newsletter

May 2020


Edited By Mike Proctor

Revised:  5 / 24 / 2020


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Monthly Meetings Will Be Held Via Zoom


Instead of our regular monthly meetings being held in the WestLex lobby area on the west side of the field,  we will conduct a virtual meeting on Zoom.


Additional services are available to club members, including heated hangar pre-heats and some refueling “valet” services.


Next regular meeting, via Zoom is Tuesday, June 8th at 7pm.



C172 N6203F Has New Audio Panel

No more sticking transmitter selector switches.   Check the new piece of avionics in 03F.



Officer Election Results are in

Thanks to all who took time to return their email ballots.  Here is the slate of officers for 2020-21:

President, Mike Proctor

VP Admin, Charles Simms

Secretary, Steven Walter

Treasurer, Tony Baxter

VP 152, Mike Smith

VP 03F, Weslee Farley

VP 641, John Olsen

VP, 821, Kyle Sward

VP, 01W, Phil Heink

VP, 3DS, Larry Sward

Safety Officer, Larry Sward



Info From AOPA on Flying Club Ops during the Pandemic

Click on this link to review information from AOPA





Info on New C172 N13821 for the club


When purchased, N13821 had a TT of 3876.5, engine was overhauled at 2402.4 which meant a TTSMOH of 1474.1.

Bird is online.  We are working to get some links to Youtube videos about the Avidyne systems on board.



New Maintenance Officer for N13821


Many many thanks to Kyle Sward for offering to look after N13821 for us. Kyle was previously one of our maintenance officers, so we appreciate his willingness to step forward once again.





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A small airplane is parked on the side of a road

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We have moved to an Insulated Hangar


The hangar on the east side that houses the police helicopter and other tenants is being torn down. Airport Admin has asked us to be a good corporate citizen and give up our larger box hanger for one of the newly built insulated box hangars nearest Gumbert Road. The new hangar does not have a separate office/bathroom, and is smaller in size. It is insulated, however. We also will no longer be responsible for maintaining the public bathrooms. Rent went up in February, when our annual payment was renewed. When you badge through the pedestrian gate, our new hangar is the second one on your immediate left. The hangar door operates differently, we are working on a sheet to point out the differences in the way the new hangar door works…




Reminder:  Make sure this info is on every gas receipt that you turn in



1)  Your Name

2)  Transaction Date

3)  Tail number

4)  # of gallons purchased

5)  $$ amount of the purchase




Club is offering an option to have  your bill payment automatically deducted


For a monthly cost of less than a stamp and a check, ($0.34), you can sign up and have your bill payment automatically deducted from your checking account on the 25th of each month. Click here to see the form to fill out. Snail-mail or e-mail that form back to us along with a voided check for the account you wish to use. The process will be automatic until you tell us otherwise.



Check your badge Be sure to renew on or before the expiration date  !

One LFC member got hit for $50 when he went to renew his badge. Be sure to renew on or BEFORE the expiration date to pay only $15 instead of $50. If you lose your badge, be sure to ‘fess up and contact the Airport. Failure to account for the badge will cost you your $150 badge deposit.




New Maintenance Officer for N6203F


Many many thanks to Kyle Sward for looking after N6203F for us for the last couple of years. Kyle recommended Weslee Farley to replace him as the Maintenance Officer for N6203F. Welcome, Weslee !




Hourly Rates Reflect 6% Tax Levy on Maintenance Labor


Since fuel costs are a big part of the cost of operating our fleet,  we are forced to react when gas prices change.  Tac Air has raised its rates from

$2.99 to $3.09 to $3.24 to $3.38 to $3.45 to $3.49 to $3.54 to $3..59 to $3.82 to $.3.83 to $3.98 to $4.14 to $4.19 to $3.99 to $4.14 to $4.24 to $4.34 to $4.49 to $4.35 to $4.45 to $4.56 to $4.61 to $4.76 to $4.96 to $5.36 to $5.46 to $5.51 to $5.71 to $5.96 to $5.76 to $5.51 to $5.31 to $5.11 to $4.96 to $4.66 to $4.68 to $4.886 to $4.996 to $5.196 to $5.4135 to $5.5128 to $5.6128 to $5.71 to $5.51 to $5.713 to $5.913 to $6.113 to $6.313 to $6.213 to $6.232 to $6.432 to $6.632 to $6.782 to $7.032 to $7.060 to $7.1612 to $6.732 to $6.822 to $6.642 to $6.342 to $6.462 to $6.732 to $6.842 over the years, so we are now basing our hourly rates on Tac Airs price of $6.842 per gallon of avgas.


The state of Kentucky just enacted a law that taxes the service labor performed by our mechanics at 6%. So, effective, July 1, 2018 the board voted to fold these costs into the houly rate of the planes.


However, the huge discount given to members in the form of gas rebates mitigates the price increase significantly. On a real time (Hobbs) basis, 5 of 6 airplanes still cost less than $100/hour to fly; the C152 is under $72/hour.


Rates, effective 7/1/2018, based on tach time, are:


C152 – $100.00            Approximate Hobbs Rate: $71.25


Older C172 - $126.50      Approximate Hobbs Rate: $85.00


Newer C172 - $131.75      Approximate Hobbs Rate: $88.50


Diamond (DA-40) - $145.25 Approximate Hobbs Rate: $95.25


Archer 01W - $145.75      Approximate Hobbs Rate: $105.25


Financial spreadsheets for end of year 2019 have been posted in the Club Library section of the club website.




Membership News -  We need 5 members


Please welcome  Daniel Grinnell as our latest Associate Member.


Please welcome  Nathan Sheets, John Sproul, Eric Grinnell, Ed Gilchrist, John Redfern, Tad Willis, Taylor Houze, and Tyler Anderson as our latest

Restricted Members.


Please welcome  Chris Dobson, Chris Campbell, Evan Baileys, Jonathan Hollingsworth, Chuck Warren, Brandon Cardin and Mark Stringfellow as our latest FULL Members.


John Sproul and Wes Farlee are moving up to Full membership via the Special Membership route.


Collum Robinson passed his private checkride.  Ronnie Bastin passed his CFI checkride.  They get $50 flying credits for those milestones !


Tim Bosworth gets a $50 credit for getting a WINGS level under the new WINGS online program.  Click here for details about the new WINGS



Don Dileretto gets a $20 flying credit for recruiting Valerie Salven.  Faron Collins gets a $20 flying credit for recruiting John David Taylor.


Remember, you get a $30 or $60 flying credit for recruiting a new member, so keep your recruiting hat on.


To check out the newly updated roster, use your Schedule Master id and password and click on the MEMBER AREA tab on the club website.




Copy of LFC Promissory Note on our website


Here is a link to a copy of the LFC Promissory Note.Let Mike know if you are interested in loaning the club $$$ at a 5% interest rate, knowing that you can get the principal back in 2 business days if you need it. Loans from $5,000 to $50,000 will be considered. The intent is to spread the opportunity around to as many members as wish to participate.


http://www.lexingtonflyingclub.org/Content/newsletter/2019 Version of the LFC Promissory Note.txt




Badge System at KLEX carries $150 penalty for the club per badge holder


The badge system implemented at the airport comes with a hefty $150 fine for the club if a member fails to turn in a badge.  In order to get a badge, each member is asked to pony up a $150 refundable deposit to the club.  Then, if the member goes inactive, quits, loses a badge, carries an expired badge,  or is deemed financially delinquent, and the member fails to turn in their badge, they will lose their $150 deposit.  Note: We have been advised that public safety officers will be sent to attempt to retrieve a badge if the member fails to heed the clubs demand for return of the badge.


Higher prices are going into effect for new member badges and for eventual renewal of badges:  $50 for a new badge and $15 to renew.

Click   here to see a pdf file for more details !


Another new requirement:  Plan on getting your badge renewed BEFORE it expires;  waiting until after it expires will force the club to demand the return of the expired badge and the airport will force you to go through the FBI fingerprint and the whole new badge process and charge you $50 instead of $15.




New West Side Maintenance and FBO-like Facilities






A west side presence of “FBO-like” facilites and Mustang Maintenance facilities is now a reality. Plans are to have fueling personnel and enhanced creature comfort facilites as part of west side expansion plans.  Also announced were plans for an “exit only” automobile exit to get out of the west side area at the light at the entrance to Keeneland.


Drawings for the new expansion are in large pdf files linked here:

Birds eye view of what the new area looks like

Detailed plans for the new buidings and ramp and parking







AOPA Announces new rules regarding FAA Medical Requirements


Here is a link to an AOPA announcement about the new law that drastically changes the need for an FAA 3rd Class Medical !  Check it out !


https://www.aopa.org/News-and-Media/All-News/2017/January/10/FAA-releases-final-rule-for-third-class-medical- reform?utm_source=marketing&utm_medium=Content&utm_content=3cm&utm_campaign=Announcement






Flyers Saved $10.85 per hour on  gas last year


Using data from our year end financials,  our flyers saved an average of $10.85 per flight hour due to gas rebates handed out from fuel purchases.  Those who did not refuel the planes missed out. Those who put in fuel for other pilots got a double dose of savings.






Check out new online CLUB LIBRARY


In the  MEMBERS AREA   tab on the club website, you will notice a new link labeled CLUB LIBRARY… Many of the items previously located here in the newsletter have found a permanent home there. Thanks to StevenW for setting it up and for the many contributors for the articles therein. TONS of good stuff there !




NexGen Aviation providing limited CFI Services


Nexgen Aviation’s staff of full time CFI’s will be able to provide checkout services in our airplanes, as well as giving Flight Reviews and Instrument Proficiency Checks. Due to potential conflicts of interest, their CFI’s are not available for ongoing student or instrument training in our aircraft.


Caution:  LFC Insurance coverage does NOT extend to Nexgen airplanes, so check with them on what is prudent for you and liability for flying Nexgen birds.









Seat Covers Installed in N65641





Airport adds more Electric House-power  to west side hangars


One of the issues we raised with airport management about our west side hangar, was the shortage of outlets and the low amount of electrical current

(40 Amps)that was available at each box.  We received a note from the Airport saying that contractors will be coming around to all the west side hangars to increase the amount of electricity that will be available to hangar lessees.  Good News !




Club Operations at the 9/27 Westside Airport Complex


Self Serve fuel is available (see blue box below). We have a battery powered tug to make it easy to move birds around. Also, recently purchased is a small air compressor and an air tank that can be used to inflate tires.  All birds are tied down except the DA-40; to make room for a bird to be hangered for frosty morning departures.


All fuel purchases will require use of your credit card; turn in your gas receipts just as if you bought fuel elsewhere.



For a comprehensive tutorial on changes,  check out this link:


http://www.lexingtonflyingclub.org/content/newsletter/LFC New Hangar Transition Guide



( Thanks for this handy helper,  John O !  )


For Questions, or general assistance, please contact Airport Operations: 859.425.3112





Self Serve Gas Pump  Open at KLEX

Detailed instructions are available on how to use the Self Serve Pump. Check out Club Library link on Members Area tab of the clubs website




Please Re-install new pitot tube covers


In light of our recent bug-in-the-pitot-tube infestation (which we suspect is thanks to the "mountainn the airport built behind our planes), we have installed pitot tube covers on all the aircraft. Please reinstall them after each flight and let us know if one goes missing!   (Note: the 152 has a built in cover)







Interior Upgrades On C-172 N6203F


During the 2015 annual on C172 N6203F, we replaced many of the interior plastic pieces as well as seat covers and carpet pieces.  Check it out !






Cessna 172R  - N65641


If you check the schedule you will see this addition to the fleet.  N65641 was purchased locally and some club members flew it when it was on leaseback with Aerotech.  Here are a couple of links to help you get familiar with the bird.  If you haven’t flown an airplane with fuel injection, get an hour checkout with a CFI to help you get up to speed !


Since the engine is more expensive,  we set the hourly rate $1.50 more than the other Cessna’s.


For more information about some useful links to Manuals, and other printed information, See Club

Library section on club website tab labeled Members Area


The larger size fuel tanks (53 gal useable) in this bird are both a blessing and a curse.  With just one or two on board, the extra range is a terrific bonus.  But if you want to carry three or four folks, it is a problem. Fortunately, you can fill to the bottom of the filler necks in the tanks and only have 35 gallons useable on board (17.5 gal useable in each tank).  Now you can fill to the “tabs” and elect to add , say, 2.5 gallons more per side for a total of 40 gallons available.  Of course you’ll have to do this yourself or instruct/monitor the fuel guy attentively !



Check out our Facebook Page !


With the help of SteveW and JohnO and others, the LFC now has an active Facebook page. Check it out !




LFC Featured in edition of AOPA ePilot


Check out this article in the current edition of the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association (AOPA)

ePilot magazine







Motion Passes To Provide Rebates/Surcharges On Gas Purchases


The proposal to grant rebates to members who buy gas at airports cheaper than the going Tac Air rate, and conversely,  to reimburse only the Tac Air rate  if fuel is purchased at a price higher than the going Tac Air rate has passed by a vote of 40 to 7.  Buying 10 gallons of avgas at a rate fifty cents cheaper than Tac Air’s rate would result in a credit on your bill for the amount of the purchase plus an additional $5.00 rebate.  Buying 10 gallons of avgas at a rate fifty cents more expensive than Tac Airs rate would result in only being reimbursed the Tac Air rate.  In 2018, this procedure saved members, roughly $10/hr on the rate on the airplanes.





Diamond Star - DA-40 N213DS


Checkouts are available from CFI’s who have been approved by the Club’s Safety Officer.  Contact Larry Sward if you are a CFI or if you (as a FULL LFC member) would like to arrange for your CFI to be approved for DA-40 checkouts.


Printed copies of the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) are available for $15 from our pilot supplies cabinet.  

Here is a PDF file with more info about the bird we bought !

** NEW ** See Club Library section on website tab labeled Members Area







CFI’s working with LFC members


Check out the instructors page on the website.  http://www.lexingtonflyingclub.org/Instructors




Archer 01W has a Garmin 430 WAAS-enabled GPS/Nav/Comm unit


The local radio boys offered us a $700 discount on Garmin 430W hardware;  we also noticed that 01W was not booked for a two week period, so we jumped at the chance to get a timely and frugal installation of a Garmin 430W in our Archer now!  Here is a link to find out more about the Garmin 430W ! From here you can also find manuals, simulators and other free stuff.







Here is a quick reminder / tutorial on a unique savings opportunity that the club offers to you


As those hourly rates continue to skyrocket,  here is a link that we have on our website, reminding potential members about the savings that result because we charge on the tach NOT the hobbs.  Click  Here




AWOS at Richmond-Madison (I39)


Richmond KY (Madison) [I39]: October NOTAM #254 issued by Louisville KY [LOU] Automatic weather observing/reporting station (AWOS) - 3  Frequency:  119.625

Phone Access 859 - 985 - 5969





Phone Numbers and Frequencies to Use:


Flight Service 800-WX-BRIEF


LEX automated weather: 281-5700

Schedulemaster Reservation Service 800-414-6114

Schedulemaster Reservation Service Internet access:  http://www.schedulemaster.com/smlogin.htm




FAA Wings Update A Glimpse at the FAA Safety Program


The FAA has published on the www.faasafety.gov website a glimpse at the updated version of the WINGS program.


The FAA has also published a multi-media tutorial. Click on this link:  http://www.faasafety.gov/files/articulate/wings/default.htm




Sign up for notices about Safety meetings


The FAA has set up a great website where you can register to have them send you emails about safety seminars in your area.  There are also many online safety features to review.  Id like to see 100% participation in this program by our members !!  The address is:






(Except for over-night reservations) -  

Wait 30 minutes and the bird is yours

If you are standing on the ramp on a sunny afternoon and a bird is just sitting there begging to be flown, be aware that the bird can be yours IF the current reservation is 30 minutes old. The Schedule Master computer will let you schedule over the top of a reservation once 30 minutes from the start of that reservation has elapsed. DO NOT take the bird without scheduling it however. The phone system works just fine to make this kind of "over schedule."


If YOU are the one who booked the original reservation and you are simply running late, be sure to get on SM before the 30 minutes has elapsed and cancel and re-book the plane from the current time to the end of the original reservation period.


EXCEPTION: The SM computer will NOT allow scheduling over the top of overnight reservations; if you suspect a problem there, it will take an officer to make a decision. If someone has not cancelled an overnight reservation, he/she will be liable for a hour of flying (2 hours on Saturday or Sunday).





Track the last flight (that flew on an FAA flight plan) for the birds of our fleet !


N89652  N6203F   N213DS  N65641  N3001W  N13821





Find out why a bird is down for Maintenance


Click on this link for a quick tutorial on how to use Schedulemaster to find out information about why an airplane has been taken out of service for Maintenance.  Each Maintenance Officer creates a short message explaining why the airplane is unavailable.  You can read this message on Schedule Master !




Never too bad to fly -- Now Available -- Access to an ATC 610J Flight Training Device ( "Simulator" )


Need an hour of instrument time for your WINGS level? Mike Proctor has purchased a totally refurbished ATC 610J desktop flight training device. The unit covers an area from Lexington, west to E-town and as far northwest as Louisville and Frankfort. It was programmed just prior to delivery so it has the latest approaches. Its flight characteristics (flaps, throttle, prop, mixture) mimic the Piper Arrow. ILS or localizer approaches are available for LEX, FFT, SDF, and LOU. VOR approaches are available for all these airports plus BRY and EKX. ADF practice is also a feature.


In addition to WINGS instrument time, the unit can be used for up to 20 hours of training towards the instrument rating and can be used for all six instrument approaches, holds, and navigation required to stay in IFR currency. Cost will be $40 per hour including CFII signoff of the time. If you choose to use another CFII, the unit will rent for $20 per hour. For the time being, Mike will be setting up the unit at home in Richmond. The FAA requires logging of time in flight simulators (see 61.51 g 4) to be used under instructor supervision only; not solo.






Keep your personal information up to date on the Scheduling System


The Internet Interface to the Reservation System has been modified to allow you to document vital statistics on your flying activities and status. Once you are in the system and are looking at the schedule page, you can click on USER and then click on CLICK HERE TO EDIT YOUR OWN INFO. There you can update your BFR and Medical and Insurance Expiration dates. You can indicate your participation in the Wings program and

document the dates when you go out of currency for the 90 day requirement and IFR. You can also document your total hours, hours in complex birds, and hours in the last 90 days. The system will post a warning when you get close to those expiration dates as a reminder. Sort of a glorified alarm clock !


The Safety Officer is going to be monitoring this information and will be contacting members who have not been keeping this information up to date. Eventually, we may have to make this information mandatory to satisfy an insurance underwriter.





GPS Advanced Simulator CD-ROM available for our GPS Units


In addition to the quick reference guides and entire printed manual and the videotape on the GPS units; I also got a copy of the revised GPS CD- ROM. This version depicts the rings of Class B, C, and D airspace correctly. You can change heading and speed and actually fly instrument approaches with this version. Contact Mike Proctor